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About Anders Holst

Soulful American Smooth Jazz Award nominee Swedish singer/songwriter Anders Holst blends smoky jazz with the adult contemporary melodicism of Sting, Seal, and Leonard Cohen. . Introspective, spiritual, and romantic. Deftly weaves pop, jazz, and classical into a smooth style all its own. 

~ James Christopher Monger

So... combine warm, thoughtful, romantic, and, at times, bittersweet lyrics with melodies that will get inside your head and under your skin... add a smoky, intriguing voice, lush instrumentation, and sparkling production... and you've got a grand success! 

- Scott O'Brien


Quincy Jones Introduces Anders Holst

Featuring an introduction by Quincy Jones, and interviews with Fred Bronson (Billboard Magazine), Rafe Gomez (The Groove Boutique on WQCD/CD 101.9), Ronny Schiff (Private Label Radio), Damon Ferrara (Live 365) and Jonathan Widran (Jazziz/Smooth Jazz News).


Love Me Like A River: Anders Holst

In the music video for "Love Me Like A River", sexy singer/songwriter Anders Holst plays an international man of intrigue who romances the Ingrid Bergman-esque spy out to get him.

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