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You, in diamond driven rain                                        When tears, for real are in the eyes       

Blowing thru my mind                                      Of Angels made of stone and steel

New York City                                                   Out in the dark

Indian summer morning                                   It’s time for us to pray

                                                                        My love

Dawn, so quietly has gone                              

Left us in a kind of blue and mellow                Talking ‘bout my love (improve)

Ellingtonian state of mind                              

What now…                                                    

Do you feel my love tonight, my love?          

What now…

These are times we use to know                    

When lights

Of red and green and blue

Swings into

The evening glow

For I we know

The things I did

Were all

For you


That’s a funny thing

That I would see you here again

Just like this

Alive in white

Like a snow storm on a summer’s day!


[Piano solo 2.5 bars]


Wish I could have left all this

Behind me now


Oh will it be

The death of me

And who will put

The moon back in the sky                             [Interlude 4 bars plus chorus: Moon back in the sky]



Just never seems to set

Fades into the mist

Just like a Benny Goodman record on the radio

So sweet

I’m longing for your kiss

I can feel your scent

Let’s find a cab across

The Verrazano Bridge

What now…

Do you feel my love tonight, my love?

What now…

These are times we used to know

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